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Real Deal #6

The last issue featured more non-stop, meaningless, gratuitous violence. With the Real Deal gang, its all about being blood-thirsty for no reason.   If not that, its vengeance - before the fact.  Another way to put that is - GET THE OTHER GUY BEFORE HE EVEN THINKS ABOUT GETTING YOU.

The team is the same, their names are the same, their behavior the same - but in this issue, the cracked heads, stomped guts, kicked in teeth - are even more graphic! How do we know? Take our word for it - we've ready it.

Unfortunately, we're sold out of this issue.  We caught you sleeping, and you missed out! The only chance you'll have of getting your hands on Real Deal #6 is to haggle with a hipster going to ComicCon, or perhaps purchase from a dealer for under a million dollars. If you can can find it. 
If you do happen to find somebody with more than two issues, you might consider the fact that they are already priceless collector's items. If you let a deal like that get away, you probably will regret it later. Why?

Because we believe that even if Real Deal #6 wasn't a collector's item, it would be a good investment in entertainment. Now, don't start crying or getting sentimental - just get your wallet out and let the money talk, Jack. OK?  How about that?