Real Deal Comix

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Publisher Profile

Publisher and Producer, Lawrence Hubbard aka "Raw Dawg" co-created Real Deal Comix with Herald Porter McElwee in late 80’s Los Angeles – Rodney King era, city on fire era. 
Real Deal was the only Black, independently self-published and distributed magazine of the time, with only 6 issues from 1989 to 2001. It was as underground as it gets: crudely drawn, extremely violent, hysterically funny and completely free of super heroes and political correctness.
Lawrence Hubbard, publisher of Real Deal Comix, President of Real Deal Productions, talks about the Real Deal brand and its street origins.

The video interview, Hubbard profiles the historical origins of the Real Deal characters, where their minds are, and what they do to pass their time. If you want to see the video, register and click this link. "The Will To Kill: Real Deal Magazine is the greatest and most violent comic book you've never seen"

There are some common traits for all the Real Deal Characters; they don't back down, they don't think before they act, and they are either violent or the victims of violence.

You won't find much logic, reason or civility in any of the issues. The victims are sometimes as violent as their muggers; they just were caught slippin'

When you take a walk in G.C.'s neighborhood, you should expect to have people try to stalk you, rob you, jack you. If you are from this neighborhood, it means that you know who the stalers, robbers and jackers are. That is the only way to survive the mean streets of G.C.'s turf. You are either hip or you are a victim.
Real Deal Founders