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Real Deal #5

Created by the award-winning team that published previous Real Deal issues, Real Deal #5 cuts the edge of reality and humanity. It cuts it excessively, gratuitously, and with little regard for taste, decorum or good manners.

Reading Real Deal #5 is like Reading Real Deal #4, only with rusty nails sticking out of the issue!  The beatings, threats, lawlessness and viciousness from Issue #4 could not be stopped - thus - REal Deal #5. .

If you like peaceful sunsets, pictures of birds with yellow-bellies, and romantic stories that always turn out good - this is not the comic for you.  This comic doesn't have any ethical problems, because none of the charters have ethics. It doesn't really have a hero or a bad guy -everybody is a bad guy.
Or they are quickly either out of town or underground. This comic is about grossness and the futility of too many victims, not enough bullets. 

Remember, we don't have many Real Deal #5 remaining, so you better order several now, or you'll be crying to your mamma! But before you go home to your mama, better call her first, cause she might be with me, sucker!

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