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Real Deal #8 Coming!

Fantagraphics is partnering with Real Deal Comix to produce Real Deal Issue #8 in 2017! We have been told that it will include G.C. episode, along with an episode from Planet Dregs.


Phantagrphics, known as the most progressive comic book publisher, has also asked Real Deal's creator, Laurence Hubbard, to create the cover for their new Crime Destroyer.

Stand by for release dates! 

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Comic Shop Events: 3/17 Press Release

Lawrence Hubbard, creator of the Fantagraphics-published Real Deal Comix Hardcover, is supporting local comic shops in the Los Angeles area. 

The new Real Deal Comix Hardcover includes Issues #1 - 7, plus many pages of never seen before art. It can be purchased in comic and book stores, from California to Europe, and at most major online book and comic stores. 

A very sizable crowd came out to the signing at Meltdown Comics (biggest comic store in the Western U.S.), on Sept 16, 2016.  

Because of the success of the Meltdown book signing, and brisk sales of the hardcover, Lawrence Hubbard will be doing book signing events in 2017. 

Along with the hardcover, he'll be signing copies of Issues #2 and #7. at several comic shops. 

If your shop would like to schedule an event with Lawrence Hubbard, please contact us. 

Special Thanks to L.A. Area Comic Book Shops: Meltdown Comics Collectibles and Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood, Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach and Culver City, a Shop Called Quest, Blastoff Comics, and other small shops that sell Real Deal Comix and other Fantagraphic publications.

Real Deal Comix artwork has been featured on major CD jewel cases for major recording artists, merchandise, and in galleries from Asia to the United States. Check out the latest Real Deal Comix video below. 


Video - The Real Deal Show!





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Banned Comic Strip

The below one-page comic strip, entitled, "Everybody Loves G.C.!," was requested by major art and culture site, but then rejected in January 2017. Why? The editors of the hip news site said that they thought it wasn't - let's say - "politically correct" enough. G.C. Comics has received a lot of support from the major publication, so it's unfortunate that they don't "get it." You might ask, "get what?". The truth is - if you have to ask - you probably will never get it. 

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Real Deal Hardcover Selling Out

Almost Sold Out

The Real Deal hardcover is flying off the shelves at Barnes & Nobel, Target, Walmart, Amazon and of course, the Last time we checked, over half the copies have been sold. That's real gold embossing on the cover (in the title), and the graphic novel contains all previous issues of Real Deal (issues one through seven).  In addition to selling over half the copies in a few months, the graphic hardcover is getting excellent reviews and ratings. 

Check out the perfect five star rating on Amazon (see below screen shot for 2/20/17):  

At a September book signing, hordes of fans came out to meet the author and purchase the hard cover edition.  See the video below to view some of the pages:


























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Real Deal Animated Video

Real Deal Animated Promo.

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