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Stussy - Real Deal from Stussy on Vimeo.

Welcome to the world of Real Deal, your Urban Terror magazine. Real Deal Productions, first released in 1989, publishes Real Deal Comix, your "Urban Terror" magazine.

Real Deal Magazine is an illustrated humor magazine that is full of mind bending Violence. People get killed for no reason at all in the pages of Real Deal. Women get beat to death in the pages of Real Deal just because they are women. Every single racial slur that we can think of can be found in the pages of Real Deal Magazine.

This magazine is full of hate, rage, and savagery. If you like a little humor with your violence, try Real Deal Magazine. Real Deal is drawn by such world class artists as Psycho Raw, Jeff Mc Nurlin, and William Clausen. All stories are written by R.D. Bone and Dr. Chronic. Current properties include:


Planet Dregs

R Team

These are the three Real Deal projects, and their stories that can be found are in the pages of Real Deal. Also at this Website you can find the Rants and Raves of R.D. Bone, Dr. Chronic, and Psycho Raw. If you're tired of mush mouth comics and lame-ass mags such as Mad, National Lampoon, and Cracked, try Real Deal. All prices in US dollars, free shipping! Real Deal #2 reprint now available! Domestic & International Free shipping Worldwide!! Copyright© 2011 Real Deal Productions.

What is Urban Terror?

Urban Terror is a humorous essay of the violence that occurs every day in the urban centers of America. Each story depicts the daily struggles of urban dwellers who strike out at each other, out of the futility of poverty and illiteracy. Each and every one of their disputes ends with acts of mayhem. These people live on the edge of a precipice with a a "kill or be killed" foundation.

In an Urban Terror story, simple every day events - such as using a public restroom, purchasing postage stamps or checking out a library book - can turn into a bloody massacre. Nothing, not even the threat of a painful violent death, can deter the participants from a confrontation. Our stories reflext this anarchic lifestyle with graphic realism, tinged with a slight bit of levity.

Most comic strip writers tend to ignore the subject of Urban Terror, or they are totally ignorant of it. We bask in it's light of honesty and truth.

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  • Title: Metro 2033
  • Date Release: May 2010
  • Platform: Xbox 360, PC
  • Game Genre: Action, First-Person Shooter
  • Producer: THQ
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